EAA funding for PhD students

See below a communication from the EAA

July 9, 2012

Call for funding PhD related activities

Dear EAA Members,

There is a general consensus that the sustainability of the European accounting academic community depends critically on the existence of strong and vibrant doctoral programmes and developmental activities, and helping to achieve it is one of the immediate priorities of the EAA.

Among several initiatives aimed to develop doctoral accounting education, the EAA Management Committee (MC) has committed to provide a pool of funding to facilitate the attendance of European-based students to doctoral accounting education and training programmes organised in Europe. In particular this proposal is focused on helping students preferably from Eastern/Southern Europe gain access to already established doctoral activities/programmes.

The organisers of the activities that benefit from this funding should make an open call so that European-based students are informed about their activities, and they should indicate that they have received the financial support of the EAA to facilitate the access of these students. The activities should take place in 2013.

Funding programme

The EAA financial support will depend on the length of the activity and should be applied to defray the students’ direct cost of attendance (registration fee, accommodation and travelling expenses). The maximum amount per student will be €750, with a limit per activity of €10,000. EAA will pay the subsidies directly to the organising group, after knowing the students that will benefit from the funding programme.

Applications for the EAA PhD funding programme should provide a detailed programme of the event, containing the Organising Team (which should include a reasonable number of EAA members), the Faculty, the targeted audience and the number of students, as well as the dates. Any additional information that could be useful to decide on the application will be welcome, but applicants should provide additional information if required by the EAA MC.

Prior interest in EAA events will also be considered by the EAA MC in addition to the content and outreach of the PhD activity to decide on the applications. The decision will be made within one month after the application’s deadline.

The applications should indicate the name and affiliation of the responsible person that should be an EAA member 2012, and should be sent to Nicole Coopman (coopman@eiasm.be) by 15th September 2012.


Begoña Giner
EAA President

Tel: +32 2 226 66 63 Fax: +32 2 512 19 29
Please check your personal profile in the EIASM online database: http://www.eiasm.org
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