The Irish Management Accounting Research Network (IMARN) was set up in January 2012.

The main objective of IMARN is to provide a platform for Irish management accounting researchers to share and collaborate on research projects – both within Ireland and abroad – and to act as a forum for international researchers who may be interested in conducting research in Ireland.

IMARN also recognises how tricky the PhD journey is, and to this end, regular workshops will be held where doctoral students can present anything from their initial research ideas to first drafts of papers. If you’re already a post-doctoral faculty member, you are more than welcome to present initial drafts of your paper(s) at workshops. Dates of workshops will be posted on the home page.

A secondary, but no less important objective, is to promote communication among Irish management accounting researchers. This ranges from being a central point for notices of national and international conferences of interest, to useful news updates on matters such as new research articles and text books.